Free mind


“To discover what is eternal, the process of the mind must be understood. 
You cannot think about the unknown; you can think only about the known, and what is known is not the real. 
Reality cannot be thought about, meditated upon, pictured, or formulated; if it is, it is not real, because it is merely the projection of the mind. It is only when the thought process ceases, when the mind is literally and utterly still – and stillness can come about only through self-knowledge – , that reality is understood; and it is the real that resolves our problems, not our cunning distractions and formulated escapes.” 

J. Krishnamurti


Sobre ariaround

25, santista, apaixonada e viajante em todos os sentidos...agora em Goa, na Índia. Amante da escrita, de lugares novos, crenças e pessoas.

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